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ESC Trench Shields Solutions

ESC’s world-wide acclamation is sustained by its experience and product contribution in excavation and trench safety. The range of products that includes sheet piles, tubular piles, struts, trench shields/boxes, and tie-rod systems exhibits an undisputed level of commitment to system development and perfection.

ESC is devoted to continual exploration of the versatility and possible combinations of these solutions that may lead to more effective, safe, and time saving project executions.

Global Challenge

Construction projects keeps coming in larger and more complex packages and with intensified statutory restrictions. Timetables however are not becoming flexible but instead are constantly compressed in efforts to reduce costs.

These constraints create conflict and heighten the challenge of maintaining a safe but productive working environment.

How can you build Better, Safer and Faster?

This question was on the table when Kevin Ashdown – Managing Director of ESC Group Middle East, founded and led the Design Development Team of the ESC Heavy Duty Trench Shield in 2015.

The next year (2016), the first unit of the proprietary Trench Shields - designed to International Standards EN 13331-1 & 2 - was produced in ESC’s 400,000 square feet manufacturing facility in Abu Dhabi, UAE. A third party engineering company was commissioned to test and certify the boxes. This included full scale destructive testing, and intensive three dimensional finite element modelling, after which the designs were endorsed and certificates for each of the shields were issued.

Following the initial launch, the first batch of shields was provided free of charge to local contractors, and the development team worked closely with the contractors to monitor product performance and customer feedback. This feedback was then used to make improvements to the designs and then full production started. Continuous improvement has been ongoing ever since. In 2018, adjustable strut (or spreader) system were introduced as an addition to the fixed strut system.

The manually adjustable strut is designed to provide a width matrix of close increments that corresponds to actual trench widths and shapes. Subsequently, Manhole Trench Shield/Trench Box were developed in 2019 in response to unceasing pipeline network projects. Manhole Trench Shields are used in conjunction with regular trench shields and acts as a transition piece that provides a wider section shoring to accommodate the presence of a manhole, basin, or pit.

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