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ESC is one of the leading and fast-growing Specialist Trench Shoring Company. ESC’s engineering and construction team is experienced in numerous fields with a reputation built on excellence and a commitment to continuous innovation to provide you, the client, with a combination of the high-quality, economical, safe work environment and efficient solutions for many shoring projects.

ESC has fully developed its Trench Shield Series (also known as Trench Boxes) a two-sided, high-quality, and economical excavation support system that provides a safe working environment in trenches up to 5.6m deep. Produced in a 10,000 square meters manufacturing facility in Abu Dhabi, UAE. 

ESC’s trench shields are a heavy-duty robust design designed and manufactured in compliance with both national and International Standards. All shields are certified by third-party professional engineers, following the guidelines and requirements of the European Standards.


  • Designed and manufactured in accordance with  EN 13331—1 and EN 13331- 2.

  • 3rd party product certificates available for all products.

  • Heavy duty robust design.

  • Flat pack delivery .

  • Fixed or adjustable struts available in any required length .

  • Custom box sizes are available.


  • Soil type to be determined by qualified competent person.

  • Assembly as per ESC procedures

  • Recommended maximum depth 5.6m.


Common Uses of ESC Trench Boxes​

ESC Trench boxes are used mainly in excavations where other solutions such as open-cut and battered slopes are not appropriate.

Since trenches are generally long and relatively narrow, trench boxes are designed in this consideration and are therefore a better fit than most other types of temporary structures to support narrow and shallow/deep excavations.

Trench shields should be used for all excavations in all soils that create trench walls that are deeper than 4ft. They can be stabilized by sloping or employing a trench protection system such as ESC Trench Shoring Inc’s Struts and Trench Shield. Slope requirements vary depending on the type of soil: for example, stable soil can be inclined to 53 degrees before requiring additional support (if space allows), whereas very unstable soil can only be inclined to 34 degrees before requiring a box.

Advantages of ESC Trench Shields

Trench boxes are crucial for the construction industry since digging and excavating works are present in almost all construction projects of different kinds and magnitude. Here are the main advantages of using a trench shield or trench box:

Improves the Stability of a Trench


One of the main advantages of a trench shield is that it makes a trench more stable and durable. A properly installed and positioned shield allows workers to better control the safety of a trench. When a shield is not in use, trenches can collapse instantly. A trench shield can help keep a trench safe and stable for several months, provided the weather conditions, soil type, and depth of the trench are suitable. A trench box is therefore ideal for quick-phased and long-term construction projects.

Worker protection


Trenching and excavation work can be very dangerous, as trench collapses can occur even if safety precautions are strictly followed. It is, therefore, a good idea to add an extra layer of protection to ensure worker safety on such projects. The main function of a trench box is to minimize the risk of injury to workers when unavoidable soil collapse happens. There are safety rules to ensure that a trench box is used properly. Depth regulations determine the maximum depth at which a trench box can be used safely. Certified professional engineers determine the depth rating of a shield and approve the product type. Trench box suppliers are of great help in this line. For professional assistance please do not hesitate to contact us at

Common Uses
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High Quality Materials 
Manufactured to International Standards
Available in Wide
Range of 
Product Types
Our Products Include

Standard Trench Box  . Manhole Trench Box . Adjustable Trench Box . Trench Sheets Strut Solutions . Much more...

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